Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

A life changing, model program where all former offenders become vital, contributing members of our community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist Midland Community former offenders by providing resources that help them become self-sufficient and break the cycle of crime.


  1. Sheryl Krenzke / November 7, 2019

    I work within a Job Readiness Program in the Midland County Jail, providing support and assistance for inmates in completing resumes, applications and preparing to interview. We are obviously very limited in what we can provide. I am interested in seeking information on your program and what services you provide and how we can better assist inmates before being released. I just learned of your program so hopefully I will be able to obtain some valuable info. TY for your time! Sheryl

  2. Brandon Hobson / November 17, 2019

    My name is Brandon Hobson
    Im currently at the Open Door in midland and talked to a gentleman that said he talked with a man named Rob Worsley and that i should speak with him. I will be going to the office in midland on monday to see brandi at 10 am.
    I am looking to Further my Education by going to a trade school and becoming a certified plumbers assistant/Apprentice and eventually after that get my Journeymans license. if you or anyone you know can lead me to a source that can help pay for this schooling i would greatly appreciate it.
    My number is 989 492 5347 if You have any information that could lead me in the right direction.
    Have a blessed day and thank you for your time.

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